The Valve Boss Model 70 portable water valve operator comes with a host of product features that are valuable to those in the industry.

Valve Boss

Model 70

Honda 4-Stroke Engine

Weighs just 27 pounds

70ft/lbs output torque

Resettable electronic counters

Our telescopic valve wrench makes operating valves convenient with the Valve Boss Model 70 valve operator.

Valve Boss

Telescopic Wrench

Heavy Duty Construction

Adjustable from 49” to 92”

Adjusts in 6” increments

Quick Disconnect T-Handle

With our Valve Boss wrench extensions, you’ll be able to access those water valves in your water system that are buried at greater depths.

Valve Boss

Valve Wrench Extensions

Available in 2’, 3’, 4’ and 5’ increments

for when you need to go deep

The Valve Boss compact AWWA drive adapter will allow the Valve Boss Model 70 to operate above ground valves that utilize standard 2” AWWA style nuts.

Valve Boss

AWWA Drive Adapter

Heavy Duty Construction

Operates 2” AWWA style

nuts for above ground valves

The Valve Boss Model 70 can also exercise hydrants using our Universal Hydrant Adapter.

Valve Boss

Universal Hydrant Adapter

Operates fire hydrants with pentagonal stems.

T-Handle pinch bolt allows adjustment.

Transporting your Valve Boss Model 70 in a safe and secure carrying case is the best way to extend the life of your valve operating machine.

Valve Boss

Model 70 Carrying Case

Composite Construction

Twin Latches

Braided Steel Check Cables

The new VBR150 is the big-brother to our popular Model 70 portable valve operator.  We’ve worked tirelessly for 5 years to offer you the best of all worlds:  A lightweight, affordable, features-packed machine.

Valve Boss

VBR 150

150 ft/lbs useable output torque

Weighs just 52 pounds

Reversing gearbox allows fast, easy choice of CW/CCW operation

Resettable electronic counter automatically keeps track of the valve position during forward and reverse operation